On Board Menu

Free meal services on all our flights

From Madrid to the Caribbean

On flights departing from Madrid to the Caribbean, you can enjoy a hot lunch, with two options to choose from, and a snack service.

From the Caribbean to Spain

On flights departing from the Caribbean to Spain, we offer complimentary dinner and breakfast.

COVID-19 Information

We inform you that due to the health situation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, we do not serve alcoholic beverages for consumption on board. We hope to be able to offer you this service again shortly.

During the flight

In addition, if during the flight you want to have a snack or drink, you have a selection of products on the onboard menu card at your disposal to order from at any time.

Prepared by professionals

All the meals served on our flights have been prepared and supervised by catering industry professionals, following rigorous safety and hygiene measures.
Our catering provider has implemented a form of responsible management that allows to reduce food waste by means of recycling processes. Their commitment also extends to their choice of products and suppliers, always making local and responsible purchases.


Do you want to upgrade your on-board menu?

We expand our gastronomic offer by offering premium catering, cooked with the best seasonal ingredients.

These menus have been made with fresh, high-end products and carefully chosen to make your flight even more enjoyable.

Gourmet menu consists of two services during the flight:

  • On flights departing from Spain, we will serve you a delicious hot lunch, that you will have chosen before the flight and an upgraded snack service.
  • On flights to Spain, you will begin your return home with an exquisite dinner, and you will also be served an invigorating breakfast shortly before landing.

To satisfy all palates, we have three types of gourmet menus to choose from:


Gourmet meat menu

A delicious meal for meat lovers, prepared with the best ingredients.

Starter: Caesar salad

Main course: Roasted beef cheek with potatoes and vegetables

Dessert: Sacher cake


Gourmet fish menu

A light and healthy meal, full of flavour, prepared with the best ingredients.

Starter: Hummus with smoked cod slices

Main course: Grilled hake with baked potatoes and vegetables

Dessert: Sacher cake


Vegetarian gourmet menu

Designed not only for vegetarians but also for pasta lovers. Both healthy and delicious.

Starter: Salad with candied pears and goat cheese

Main course: Tortelloni stuffed with ricot and spinachs

Dessert: Sacher cake

Our gourmet menus can be purchased individually.

They are also included within our Premium Fly package, along with the rest of the exclusive services comprised in it. Choose your menu up to 3 days before flight departure.

Special menus

We care about your well-being and your health. If you suffer from a food intolerance or allergy, we offer you the possibility of requesting a special meal adapted to your needs at no additional cost.

Children and babies are also a priority on our flights. If you travel with your children, there's no need to worry: you can order a meal adapted to their age and needs. We want the little ones to enjoy the flight and start their holidays as soon as they board the aircraft: they will love our menus!

Here are some of the menus we can offer:

Request your special menu up to 3 days prior to your flight departure.

After this time, we will not be able to guarantee these meals on board our flights, so we recommend that you send us your request as soon as you schedule your trip.