On-board WIFI

Part of our fleet is equipped with Wi-Fi service on board so that you can stay connected on your own device during your flight.
Browse the internet, check your email and catch up on your social networks. Or take the opportunity to chat and share your flight experience with your friends.
You can connect to the Internet at 10,000 feet from any mobile device. All you have to do is activate the Wi-Fi service on your phone, connect to the “World2Fly” network and once you open your browser, you will directly access the different Wi-Fi packages available.

wifi a bordo contenido

You will be able to connect to this service provided that your device has a Wi-Fi functionality. We do not recommend doing so with your laptop due to the high data consumption it requires.

The connection speed will depend on your own device, but also on the number of people that are connected to the network at the same time. This could, at any given moment, weaken the signal.

We recommend that you activate the battery saver and data saver modes on your phone in order to reduce power and data usage and thus be able to enjoy the service better. We also advise you to disable automatic downloads and app syncing.

The service has global coverage, however, being a satellite connection, it is possible that the signal is weakened at certain moments.