A new airline, a new brand, a new personality

The World2Fly brand is much more than a logo. It represents the way of being, doing and feeling of a team with extensive and proven experience in aviation. A team ready to put travellers at the heart of everything.  

Our mission is to offer a unique experience on board our aircrafts, while respecting the environment and our surroundings. In the coming months, we will continue working to respond to the challenges that the current situation poses, and prepare ourselves to give the highest priority to the health and safety of our clients, employees and collaborators.  

We are an airline based in Palma de Mallorca (Spain), born in 2020. We aspire to be an international reference in sustainable and innovative transport. A leader in terms of quality, with the satisfaction of our customers as our cornerstone to create an open organisational culture that fosters innovation and teamwork. 

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Excellence in onboard service

 Every day, we strive to improve. We do our utmost to anticipate your wishes and provide excellence. We strive to find out what makes the difference, taking care of every detail. We have a firm commitment to the quality and safety of travellers. When you fly again, we want it to be with us. We can’t think of a better reward for our commitment. 


The sustainability is our business philosophy. Based in the responsable management  of our activity impacts and focused on people and environment. For that reason we count on our fleet with the most modern aircraft in the world, the Airbus A350. This aircraft brings together the latest in aerodynamics, design and advanced technologies to increase by 25%  fuel efficiency, reduce the loudness and the jet-lag feeling.




A 10,000 km journey begins with a single step. It is for this reason that we strive for constant perfection, instead of instant perfection. We know that innovation means thinking big, but starting small. It means continuous improvement, always keeping an eye on what happens around us, to continue growing at your side.

Equipo World2Fly

Bienvenido a bordo de una nueva aerolínea adaptada al presente, que mira al futuro.


Paz Ortega

"You can only enjoy aviation if you are passionate about it. "

Image Raul Castiñeira

Raul Castiñeira

“Passion for flying is a combination of science, romance and adventure”

Image Beatriz Martos

Beatriz Martos

"No trip is a coincidence, every landing is your destiny."

Image Monica Pinheiro

Monica Pinheiro

"I've always loved looking up at the sky but looking down from the sky is even better."

Image Renier Gomez

Renier Gomez

"When you are born to fly your wings will never shake."

Image Irene Velasco

Irene Velasco

"You may forget a date, a name, a task, a pin code or a password but you will never forget a trip. Fly away!"

Image Edurne Rodriguez

Edurne Rodríguez

"Sometimes flying feels like the gravity that keeps me on earth."