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A new sustainable and forward way of travelling

World2Fly was born to adapt to the modern traveller, and to a new sustainable and forward way of travelling, taking care of our environment along every step of the way.

Our commitment to the environment is present throughout our whole flight experience, and in all the components that make up our family. By means of sustainable and responsible management, we help travellers be sustainable as well. 

World2Fly has one of the most modern fleets on the market. It features a new Airbus A350 designed to reduce pollution, consuming 25% less fuel, and with reduced CO2 emissions. Additionally, it is one of the quietest aircrafts in the world, and prevents the feeling of jet lag. 

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The World2Fly Universe is made up of different actors that comply with a way of being that is sustainable and careful with the environment.  

A company responsible for our on-board menu service that always seeks excellence, with an impeccable commitment to sustainability. 

Newrest pursues responsible management strategies that enable the reduction of food waste, by recycling while at the same time developing tools that facilitate the ideal rationalisation of options offered to diners.  

Their commitment also extends to their choice of products and suppliers, making local and responsible purchases. Furthermore, its environmental engagement contributes to the transition towards zero plastics, with the goal of reducing the total volume of paper waste by 50% as soon as 2025

Thanks to Soluttions Uniforms, 75% of garments worn by our crew and staff are made from recycled material, reaching up to 60% of the fabrics in each article of clothing.  

In this way, the company's very own Eco-Line brand is designed and focused on the use of recycled and sustainable materials.  

In addition, Soluttions Eco-Line garments are manufactured in their entirety in Spain, extending the brand's commitment to the local business fabric as well.  

With the help of PressReader, at World2Fly we are committed to reducing paper waste. During your flight, you will be able to digitally download all kinds of online press and magazines to enjoy during the trip, without generating any residue.  

From 1 June 2023, during our daytime flights, blankets in Economy Class will only be provided on request and a limited number of blankets will be carried on board. By doing so, W2Fly aims to reduce water consumption due to the washing of blankets and to continue its zero-plastic policy by not using packaging.