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Travel to the Caribbean


Welcome to a magical land. A land brimming with nature, picturesque cities, adventure and beaches stretching as far as your eyes can see. A land of stunning sunsets, infinite palm trees, temples that will take you back thousands of years ago and an essence so authentic it will permeate every pore of your skin. You are about to discover one of the great wonders of the world. Welcome to your trip to the Caribbean. The journey of your life!

Located to the north of South America and to the east of Central America, this beautiful piece of heaven offers visitors a dream postcard. A perfect place to relax, enjoy and immortalise unique experiences in your memory. Home to a wide variety of civilisations, this region is characterised by its rich cultural heritage. This translates into imposing archaeological sites, traditions that become authentic festivals filled with colours and music, and a happy and carefree atmosphere that will captivate you from the very first day.

Ready to sport a brand-new smile? At World2Fly we want you to enjoy your trip to the Caribbean with total freedom. The time has come to relax and let yourself be carried away by the joyful and catchy rhythm of the most authentic Caribbean. Pack your suitcase and set out to discover a completely different universe. Don't forget your sunscreen!

Much more than sun and beach on your trip to the Caribbean

We know that when talking about the Caribbean, some things spring to mind: impressive beaches, crystal clear waters, tropical forests, warm temperatures, cocktails on the seashore... In short, a beautiful enclave ideal to disconnect with family, your partner and friends. But there is so much more! This destination has earned its place of honour at the top of all-inclusive trips in the Caribbean, and around the world, thanks to the wide variety of settings to discover during your stay. From total relaxation in heavenly sandy beaches such as Playa Rincón, in Samaná, or Playa Bávaro, in Punta Cana, declared one of the best beaches in the world by UNESCO, to the lively bustle of the fascinating city of Havana and the mixture of millenary cultures found in Mayan temples... Not to mention the delicious local cuisine!

There are few things in the world as pleasant as sharing and enjoying an exquisite delicacy at the table with your loved ones. And if there is something that this destination can also boast of, it is its wide variety of dishes and drinks. Order a Sancocho, the quintessential Dominican meal, and let your palate soak up the flavour of simmered meat. Prefer something more refreshing? Try the delicious ceviche in the Riviera Maya, a mixture of fish and seafood that will transport you to the crystal-clear waters of the sea. And finally... Are you a sweet lover? If the answer is a resounding yes, you must try the Raspadura. Made with sugar cane, this typical Cuban nougat is the perfect finish for a meal on the beach.

A land to explore

If you are passionate about adventure, grab your camera and prepare to enter beautiful and intriguing landscapes while traveling through the Caribbean. And now that we mention mystery, let us not forget the imposing temples of the Riviera Maya. Treasures that resemble heavenly gifts from the gods and that will leave you breathless and in awe. Explore the impressive archaeological sites of Tulum, where you will witness the grandiose legacy of the Mayans with impressive jewels such as El Castillo, located on a cliff facing the sea, the Temple of the Descending God and the Temple of the Frescoes. Furthermore, the Cobá site speaks for itself: a huge 42-meter pyramid towering above the lush Mexican jungle. This majestic construction stands out above all others, and it is the largest pyramid in Yucatan. A special feature? Its 120 steps are quite a challenge. Can you climb to the top! The views are totally worth it.

Moving on in our exploratory route, there is the must-see spot everyone talks about when returning from their trips to the Caribbean: Chichén Itzá. Declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco, this cultural oasis is a beacon of history, and is famous for housing the magnificent Temple of Kukulcán, one of the new 7 wonders of the world. Chichén Itzá must be explored calmly. Give yourself the treat of immersing yourself in an authentic Mayan city brimming with temples, cenotes (perfect for a quick refresher whenever you need it), typical Mayan houses and other buildings of worship.

Flourishing nature and wildlife

If there is something that characterises the Caribbean, it is the exuberantly lush vegetation enveloping it. Extensive tropical forests, some of them converted into nature reserves, sprawl freely throughout the territory. Such as Los Haitises National Park, in Samaná, a beautiful and pure tropical forest filled with sinuous roots, trees that rise to the clouds and endless rivers. A unique sensory experience!

Another wonder to frame on your nightstand upon your return from your trip to the Caribbean is the impressive Laguna Gri Gri, in Río San Juan. Ideal for ecotourism enthusiasts, the beauty of this enclave is limitless: green paths that widen and narrow at their whim, trees and plants green like you've never seen before, aquatic animals, birds... And with an exceptional end of the route at the idyllic Playa Caletón, surrounded by mangroves and crystal-clear waters in which you'll want to plunge into immediately.

Fancy meeting the whales? These majestic animals are a must-see in the Dominican Republic. Specifically, in the Bay of Samaná. Humpback whales visit the Dominican coasts every year to breed in the warm Caribbean waters. They represent quite the spectacle for the curious few who decide to come closer to live one of the most captivating experiences the region has to offer. The perfect plan to enjoy a pleasant excursion along the coast, with a nose-dive or belly-flop included, of course!

And after getting lost in landscapes repleted with nature, perhaps you'll also want to discover the lively atmosphere of Old Havana. A mandatory stop on your itinerary that will dazzle you completely. Walking through the picturesque streets of this enclave of the Cuban capital means delving into historic streets, cheerful conversations, food stalls, boardwalks, crafts, bookstores and museums... The atmosphere is so captivating that you will want to stay forever. Or is straying away from the city more your thing? Then don’t miss out on the infinite sandbanks of Playa Varadero, Cayo Santa María and the Jardines del Rey. You won't regret it!

Safe and exclusive trips to the Caribbean

Ready for your Premium trip? Put fatigue and obligations aside and live the adventure of your dreams. Right here, right now. At World2Fly, we guarantee a safe trip to the Caribbean while taking into account the current pandemic. Check all the information on the official World2Fly website and configure your flight as you wish by adding customised services to your booking.

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