Things to do in Cancun

Bathed by the Caribbean Sea and located on the Yucatan peninsula, right next to the Riviera Maya, Cancun offers you about 14 miles of paradisiacal beaches, on a strip of land that stands out above the sea. In addition to sunbathing on its fine white powder sand, there are countless things to do. For instance, engage in water sports such as jet skiing or flyboarding, go shopping at Isla Cancun Shopping Village or other world-class shopping centres, enjoy excellent cuisine, visit the Mayan Museum of Cancun, the Cancun Wax Museum, or discover fascinating archaeological sites, such as the Temple of the Alacrán, located near the coast! Can you imagine visiting some Mayan ruins after taking a bath in crystal clear turquoise waters? In Cancun it is possible! 

The possibilities are so many that it can be difficult to decide what to choose from while in Cancun. You'll fall for the spectacular beauty of the scenery from the very first minute, and something as simple as enjoying the sea breeze while taking a stroll along the beach will be enough to occupy your days. And to make the most of your time, you can now travel directly to Cancun from Madrid!

The best beaches in Cancun

If there's something this coastal city can boast of, it is its beaches. Cancun has more than ten beaches, among which you'll have a hard time to choose from. But why should you have to choose? There are hardly any better plans for your holidays than to discover the charms of each one of them. Moreover, seven of these beaches have been bestowed with the Blue Flag distinction for their quality and services, and they are all public.  

These can be accessed easily from the Kukulcán Boulevard, within the hotel zone of the city. Chac Mool is the best-known beach and stands out for its waves, while at Delfines beach you can spot dolphins and even swim with them. While Gaviota Azul is ideal for practicing water sports, you'll find the largest gastronomic offer at Tortugas beach. And if you're on holidays with your pet, Playa Coral is a pet-friendly area! Now that you know the best beaches in Cancun, all you have to do is enjoy them! 


Archaeological sites near Cancun

Besides visiting its world-class beaches, there is much more to do in Cancun! Archaeological sites are definitely must-visit attractions. They will take you on an authentic journey to the past! Perched on top of a cliff, in Tulum you’ll find El Castillo and the Temple of the Frescoes, two captivating ruins of the ancient Mayan civilization. 

Another archaeological site you should not miss out on is the ancient Mayan city of Cobá. It has no less than 30 square miles of underground structures, of which only 10% have seen the light of day. Quite close to the resorts you can also visit the Mayan Museum and the San Miguelito archaeological site. And if you venture into the Yucatan peninsula, don't leave the quintessential Cancun excursion undone! Chichén Itzá, which means "At the mouth of the well of the water witches", was once a fortified Mayan city brimming with monuments. Today, it is an archaeological zone whose ruins reveal some of the best kept secrets of the ancient Mayan culture. Its world-famous pyramid-shaped temple stands out above the rest of the ruins! 


Shopping centres in Cancun

The hotel zone of this coastal city is also characterised by the enormous variety of its shopping scene, not to mention its bars, restaurants, nightclubs and shopping malls. The Kukulcan Plaza, Forum By The Sea or La Isla Shopping Village are some of the world-class shopping facilities that you will find near the beaches. But if you want to go a little deeper into the Mexican peninsula, you can also take the opportunity to visit the Plaza Las Américas shopping centre, Las Plazas Outlet or the Marina Puerto. You'll find best selection of international brand stores and outlets with bargains not to be missed!  

In addition, in Cancun you will also find an area known as Mercado 28. It is a complex with a wide variety of local shops specialising in traditional crafts, clothing, souvenirs and countless products at the best price. 

Water sports in Cancun

If you want to take advantage of your trip to engage in water sports that you have never experienced before, you've come to the right place! Some of the beaches in Cancun have superb waves, making them suitable for surfing, jet skiing, flyboarding, hoverboarding or flowriding, among other sports you've probably never heard of. Are adrenaline rushes your thing? If yes, Cancun is your perfect destination! In addition, you also have the Ventura Park at your disposal, a water park located in the hotel zone of Cancun. Other activities include the Interactive Cancun Aquarium, where you can observe marine animals from up close, and the MUSA underwater museum, an underwater museum with more than 500 life-scale marine sculptures. An amazing work of art that is sure to fascinate you! 

Gastronomy in Cancun

You might have never heard of Cancun cuisine. This is completely understandable considering the amount of treasures Cancun is home to. However, the local gastronomy is also a big part of its heritage, due to the amazing variety of its aromas, flavours and textures. While some ingredients are recognisable classics of Mexican culture, such as chili peppers, beans or corn, you can also find other lesser-known delicacies such as cochinita pibil, Motuleño eggs, dogfish bread, Mayan barbecue, lime soup and an endless assortment of traditional desserts. You'll have no other choice but to lick your fingers!  

Other excursions from Cancun

If you've already experienced all of the above and don't know what else to do in Cancun, many boat trips to some of the nearest islands depart from the city! In this way, you can easily get to Isla Mujeres and Isla Contoy. Both are quiet and perfect for snorkelling and admiring their beautiful coral reefs. If the beaches have blown you away, just wait to see what is hidden in the water. The other-worldly beauty of the seafloor will steal your heart. And if you travel to Cancun between the months of June and September, we particularly recommend the excursion to Holbox Island, where you can spot whale sharks, and even swim with them.  

If you prefer fresh water over seawater for a change, don't forget to visit the cenotes! These are cavern-like natural ponds formed from the erosion of limestone rocks. There are whole routes organised for their visit, and you can even swim in one of them and visit Chichen Itzá on the same day. We can't help ourselves but to point it out! 


Leisure in Cancun

And once the sun goes down, if there's still some energy left in you, the Cancun nightlife is brimming with possibilities for all tastes. For instance, you'll find the so-called Party Centre in the hotel zone, but there are also remarkable nightlife venues downtown or in the Riviera Maya. The Coco Bongo, Mandala, The City, Xoximilco, Señor Frog's or Dady 'O stand out. There are even options for the whole family! And if you like acrobatics, the Cirque du Soleil has a permanent show at the Vidanta Theater known as Joyà, which includes elements of Mexican culture. All of these will make for a most complete trip! 

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